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Training and Educational Resources for HealthCare Agencies

HealthCare Synergy believes in an ongoing education for our clients, so we offer several state and national events, both live and via the web. From todays’s hot topics to understanding the fundamentals, HealthCare Synergy’s User Group Meetings, Boot Camps, and other events are just another example of our commitment to our clients. Our Training options include on-demand tutorials, weekly webinars, and a customized training experience for your agency with our team of highly trained staff.

On Demand and Training Videos

Please browse through our Training and On Demand Video Libraries. Some videos will require a fee to view.

Training Videos

In an effort to help us better serve our clients, and to meet your training needs HealthCare Synergy has a Library of Training Videos to assist, teach, reteach and review the use of the software, applications and products in which Synergy provides.

Educational Videos On-Demand

Also included is a library of On Demand Educational Videos on important topics related to the healthcare industry, as well as videos that provide information which can be supplemented by Synergy’s managed services.

  • What People Say About Health Care Synergy's Professional Services

    "HealthCare Synergy's core business values and commitment to excellence have played a key role in the establishment and retention of our business." - Anbe B. (Administrator)

  • What people are saying about PPS Billing Services

    "The billing service reminds me that there is no possible way I could know everything that CMS wants me to know- the process brought to light things I may have forgotten about Medicare rules and regulations- this is what I consider most valuable" - Ron P. (Owner)

  • What people are saying about Pre-Claim Review

    "We signed up for Pre-Claim Review not knowing what to expect with it being a new rule and all. We were pleasantly surprised when our clinicians advised us that the two initially submitted to Synergy was affirmed. We're feeling hopeful again!" - Cristina C. (Director of Nursing)

  • What people are saying about Pre-Claim Review

    "7 out of 8 Pre-Claim affirmations! WOW" Patricia O. (Owner)

  • What People are saying about Chart Review

    "The clinicians performing chart review provide excellent customer service, sound advice and feedback on the document being reviewed. We are satisfied and pleased with the outcomes!" - Valentine A. (Owner)

  • What people are saying about our Coding & OASIS Review Services

    "Synergy's clinical staff are gems- the accuracy in their coding and reviews is exceptional! The owners are very pleased with the outcomes." - Val L.(Administrator)
  • “They are a blessing considering my other option is to board an airplane and have to obtain hotel reservations in a faraway city just to get the quality of this webinar. Sharon is as good in this format as she is in person. I love to see her face to face though, she is a delight in every way.”
  • “Best speaker, hands down!! Keeps your interest, speaks clearly, so you can understand the material, and is very knowledgeable about the course content. Excellent job!!”
  • “All of it, the handouts were excellent and will be great to have for exam preparation, the actual webinars were excellent - the entire presentation was just very good - Sharon puts her heart into a program when she does it and she shows!”
  • "It’s definitely faster than working on paper - I’ve easily cut a whole work day out of my week by using the Web Edition."
  • "The [CT] service is absolutely priceless. I used to stay up till midnight or 1 AM reviewing the charts, but now can rest assured that my documentation is being reviewed and tend to other issues."
  • "HealthCare Synergy’s core business values and commitment to excellence have played a key role in the establishment and retention of our business."

Live Training

To schedule a Online One On One, or On Site live training session for your health care agency, please fill out our Training Request form. In order to properly prepare and accommodate your specific training needs, please notify us at least 5 business days in advance.

One On One Training

Synergy provides one-on-one training for its clients. Training session topics can be customized according to the needs of the agency.

On Site Training – Southern California and Greater Detroit Michigan

If your agency is located in Southern California or in Greater Detroit, Michigan area, onsite training can be arranged. *On-Site Only Available In Certain Areas

On Site Training – Outside of the Above Areas

Check our Calendar to see if and when Synergy will be visiting your area.

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