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Synergy EMR Updates | 6.9.68

Synergy EMR Updates

New updates have recently been released for Synergy EMR!

HealthCare Synergy has just released update number 6.9.68 for Synergy EMR! Synergy EMR is HealthCare Synergy's Electronic Medical Records Software for home health and hospice agencies as well as other post acute care providers. The updates in 6.9.68 included changes to the Synergy EMR HealthCare Assistant, CareGiver Assistant as well as the recent addition of the Physician Assistant and the Physician Portal. To learn more about the recent updates included in Synergy EMR 6.9.68 continue reading, or use the links in the table of contents below. 

Synergy EMR HealthCare Assistant

Episode Audits

If your agency has a checklist they use for such things as a case conference or a quarterly chart review, this checklist can be incorporated directly into your patient's chart. This checklist or audit is able to be completely customized by the agency, and also allows you to quickly see what tasks were completed and by whom. Originally designed to be used by our managed service staff for a thorough chart review, this functionality allows you to track and report on each individual patient chart.

New Billing Checks

In order to further the automated experience of billing, we have added several billing checks in the system that will alert the agency if the patient's HIC policy doesn't match that of the OASIS, OR if the last billable date on the DC OASIS doesn't match the last billable date on the ledger. We have improved on the check that will alert you if an OASIS is required for submission to ASAP before the claim can be sent.

Synergy EMR CareGiver Assistant

Patient Signatures on Documents

Synergy EMR, CareGiver Assistant, now has the added ability for a patient to electronically sign off on a clinical document. (image1)

This feature is also developed in compliance with upcoming conditions of participation where an agency is required to insure that a patient is communicated on any changes to a plan of care. To aid in ease of use, a patient can sign off on the route sheet confirming the visit and all documents that were started with a single confirmation. (image 2)

Synergy EMR Physician Assistant

Physician Portal

In order to improve communication with our referral sources and primary physicians, the HealthCare Assistant Synergy EMR (SEMR) now has a Physician Portal where a physician can log into your site (image 1) view patient charts (image 2), on-call schedules (image 3), contact information (image 4), and sign documents like the plan of care (image 5) and summary notes (image 6). There is also the ability to use the SEMR messaging system to communicate with the physician in the same manner your communication with other field staff and clinicians in the application.


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