Version 6.9.77 Release Notes

HealthCare Assistant (Back Office)

Upgraded Features or Functionality

  • By default now when you log in, you’ll be directed to HTML instead of silverlight. If you’d like to access Silverlight, there will be a link on the home screen (right-hand side). The reason for this is to encourage you to use HTML, compatible on all browsers, from any device with internet, which will result in a faster experience. You will notice the header is different, part of our commitment to optimizing the web app and incorporating client feedback.


  • “Remote Connection” under Administration Menu to easily connect to Synergy technicians
  • Optimized speed loading patient scheduler
  • Download Files via Ability added to HTML Menu
  • Scheduler – added full-screen option
  • Claims with Balances – added checkboxes under Insurance filter to select multiple insurances
  • Patient Chart – Remember sorting preference
  • Medication Profile – Ability to edit or delete medication review entry


  • Select multiple visits on “detail” view of scheduler working now
  • Issue adding medical supplies on ledger
  • Physician signature showing on last page on 485 – Large font printout
  • Visit Posting – “ready to post” now back to green color
  • Scheduler – Double-click on a day now opens add appointment prompt
  • Scheduler – Viewing visits for supplemental and pressing post, it loads all visits not just the ones for the supplemental. Also jumps to top of list instead of staying where user had scrolled down
  • Intake – When printing some, clinicians assigned did not show
  • Eligibility report missing HIC number