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We provide unparalleled technical support from a dedicated and highly qualified staff. Several support methods are available to meet your needs. Our Technical Support Teams are available to assist you with any issues you may have while using our software or services. Support Teams are available from 6:00 am to 10:00 pm Pacific Time. Please feel free to contact us by phone at 1-800-4SYNERG, email at, or use the live chat feature found on this website and in the Synergy EMR.


Support Tickets

HealthCare Synergy, Inc. uses an online support ticketing system. If you log onto the Support portal, you can create and track the progress of your support tickets. Additional Guides and How-To's are also available when logged in.


Live Chat

We offer live Web-Based Chat through the box that can be seen throughout this website in the bottom-left corner of each page. If you are a user of the Synergy EMR software solution, you will see this same chat box within the application. This chat feature is actively monitored during support hours.


Remote Support

We offer live screen sharing and remote access support through Go To Assist that will allow our tech support to connect remotely to your machine. HealthCare Synergy can communicate with you during the session via phone and through the application’s embedded chat function.

Support Policy

Once your request has been received through any of the options above, a support ticket will be created based on the information supplied and a ticket number will be assigned at the time of creation to be used for tracking and communication purposes.

This ticket number must be referenced for all future feedback and communication.

Tickets will be responded to on a first come, first served basis considering the Severity Level of the request.

Severity 1

Healthcare Assistant server crashed or other critical issues exists that result in a complete system outage, which prevents the customer from performing regular tasks that has immediate impact to their business.  Healthcare Synergy Technical Support will work on the issue until a resolution is reached or will escalate the issue immediately if needed.

Within 1 Hour

Severity 2

A serious issue that interrupts daily workflow or the execution of a critical business process, causing a disruption of the company daily tasks and there is no acceptable workaround. Healthcare Synergy Technical Support will work on the issue until temporary repair, workaround or final remediation is in place.

Within 4 Hours

Severity 3

Issue that does not interrupt the whole company daily workflow or procedures. The problem may be temporarily fixed using an available workaround.

Within 1 Business Day

Severity 4

Issue that does not interrupt the whole company daily workflow or procedures. The problem may be temporarily fixed using an available workaround.

Within 2 Business Days


Healthcare Synergy Technical Support will qualify and automatically escalate critical issues and will make reasonable attempts to continue working on the issue until a resolution or workaround is in place.

If an issue is qualified outside of the Technical Support level it will immediately be escalated to our development team for further troubleshooting. Customers will be updated about the progress of their ticket via telephone or email through the ticketing system during support business hours.

Support Hours:
6am – 10pm PST (Monday – Friday)

Telephone Support:
1-800-4-SYNERG (796374)

Create a Support Ticket:

Password Resets:

"Synergy has a great team, quality work, and friendliness. And that is why I always just pick up the phone and call myself, when I can have my assistant do the call. Dealing with Synergy is not a headache- I know any issue I have will be understood and resolved as quickly as possible. You were organized and very easy to work with. The whole experience has been great and I am very happy with how our patient's charts look. The best qualities are enthusiasm, friendliness, professionalism, and quality of work. So once I again I thank Synergy for all the help, each and every person working there makes a difference every single minute. You guys are great and so quick to respond to our issues!"
Maneet D. (Intake)
"As always, your online chat resolves our challenges and is specific in the help and guidance (it) gives. I have yet to encounter one of your reps that has not been helpful. Based on my interaction with them, I feel I won't encounter one that isn't."
Raul S. (Intake Coordinator)
"Help is always friendly and timely. I have never worked with a company that has been more willing to provide assistance, even for small issues. I have worked on 5 other systems and have never experienced the customer service I do with Synergy!"
Jan W. (DON)
"Synergy is always helpful and fast when they resolve issues. The staff is very professional. Most companies are not this good when it comes to customer service, but Synergy is—keep it up! "
Andriana W. (Administrative Assistant)
"Very helpful. I love the amount of help I get when running into an issue. Not only does the team help fix problems but they also teach me how to fix a problem if it occurs again. Thank you for all your help."
Angela R. (Data Entry)
"It was, very nice to be immediately connected to the person who could fix the problem. Other companies make you wait at times or they call you back when they are available. The assistance I received was seamless and very fast!"
Juanita G. (Consultant)

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