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HealthCare Synergy has partnered with ABILITY Network Inc. (formerly known as VisionShare) to greatly improve the way our customers access Medicare. Subscribers may now take advantage of Internet-based access to DDE and claim file transfer, directly from within the Synergy program.

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HealthCare Synergy’s partnership with Novaetus creates an easy and affordable solution to achieve HH-CAHPS compliance. With the survey results, you will receive the information you need to guide your decisions and deliver the best possible service to your clients.

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Emil Matevosyan, CPA, PH.D. is President of Matevosyan, Inc., and has been a recommended consultant of ours for years. He can help assist with cost reports, is well-acquainted with the HealthCare Synergy, Inc. software, and is based in California.

One of our long-time partners that assist with cost reports (areas for saving, PPS performance indicators, hospice performance indicators).

Another one of our partners that assists with cost reports.

For more than two decades, Manis & Ryan has been providing expert Medicare consulting, Medicare Cost Report preparation and business automation to healthcare providers nationwide. From Alaska to Puerto Rico and everywhere between, Home Health Agencies, Hospices, Skilled Nursing Facilities and other provider-types trust Manis & Ryan for our proven experience, personal service and quality products.

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