Video presentation by Gerry Dumatol with Dumatek

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The end-of-life for Microsoft Windows 7 operating systems is now approaching, January 9,2020 is the date, to be exact.  This means Windows 7 computers will no longer be receiving security updates leaving them vulnerable to existing and evolving common threats.  Covered entities and business associates of HIPAA who decide to ignore this event and who end up extending the use of legacy systems, will have a considerable negative impact on their cyber security posture.  And in the event of a breach, the covered entity will have little defense on its behalf, which can lead to hefty HIPAA fines.  This also applies to server-level operating systems, particularly Windows Server 2008, and MS Office Suite 2010.  Using unsupported operating systems can also lead to vulnerabilities to important business applications.


  1. Windows 7 End of Life – Why the change?
  2. Review proper way to decommission Windows 7 relative to HIPAA Compliance
  3. Evaluate case studies involving home health agencies who decommissioned Windows 7 – what we learned
  4. Discuss Cost and Compliance
  5. Reiterate important key points and talk about next steps

Speaker Biography:

Gerry Dumatol is CEO and President of DumaTek™, a HIPAA Security and Computer Network Service company that supports numerous healthcare firms in the small business sector that need to comply with HIPAA Security.  HIPAA Security is the US law that protects patients’ healthcare information when it is converted into electronic form.  HIPAA stands for Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act.

DumaTek™ supports multi-user networks, deploying over 500 ComplianceALL® servers, conducting over a thousand HIPAA Security assessments and has trained many companies and their computer users in healthcare on how to understand the need to comply for the protection of patients’ healthcare data and privacy.  DumaTek™ also provides services out of the state of California through partnerships with IT franchise organizations and uses a curriculum developed by Gerry for IT technicians to venture into the healthcare industry to support DumaTek™ methodologies.