Analytics Services

Clinical staff provides and discusses reports to locate training deficiencies or issues with the agency data and processes. *Only Available to those using Synergy as their software solution.

Analytics Services Overview

Clinical staff can provide reports and help locate possible training deficiencies or issues with agency data or processes. We explain what these reports mean for you and your agency

Prepare for Pre-Claim Review regulations by knowing your Coding, OASIS, OBQI analytics in the front-end instead of waiting months from now

Let us show you your 5-Star Rating, PEPPER, VPB data, along with compliance risks and hot spots

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    "The billing service reminds me that there is no possible way I could know everything that CMS wants me to know- the process brought to light things I may have forgotten about Medicare rules and regulations- this is what I consider most valuable" - Ron P. (Owner)

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    "We signed up for Pre-Claim Review not knowing what to expect with it being a new rule and all. We were pleasantly surprised when our clinicians advised us that the two initially submitted to Synergy was affirmed. We're feeling hopeful again!" - Cristina C. (Director of Nursing)

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    "The clinicians performing chart review provide excellent customer service, sound advice and feedback on the document being reviewed. We are satisfied and pleased with the outcomes!" - Valentine A. (Owner)

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    "Synergy's clinical staff are gems- the accuracy in their coding and reviews is exceptional! The owners are very pleased with the outcomes." - Val L.(Administrator)
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  • "The [CT] service is absolutely priceless. I used to stay up till midnight or 1 AM reviewing the charts, but now can rest assured that my documentation is being reviewed and tend to other issues."
  • "HealthCare Synergy’s core business values and commitment to excellence have played a key role in the establishment and retention of our business."

HealthCare Synergy Professional Analytics Services

CT Analytic Service is designed to provide reports to an agency informing them of the picture their data is showing of their agency and its practices. The agency has a choice of a 30, 90 or 180 day review of their data on a one time basis or an annual subscription service.

Reviewing the individual OASIS data is a benefit to the agency, but is even more beneficial to step back and see what the entire picture is based on the data over an extended period. This helps to understand the correlation that is being made when looking at the entire episode of care for a patient, versus a single episode of care.

Analytical Services will identify training issues for clinicians, as well as processes for the entire clinical department. The reports are inputted into clinical tools that will show analytics for an agency. The  most beneficial reports are printed and delivered to the agency along with a detail phone conversation of what the reports are showing.

You have the freedom to decide if you want a one-time analysis, or for them to be ongoing.
*Only Available to those using Synergy as their software solution.

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