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HealthCare Synergy offers integrated cloud-based applications for Point of Care, Scheduling, Human Resources, Customer Relationship Management, and Billing. 24/7 support via phone, email, and chat is included in the low monthly fee.

For over 20 years, HealthCare Synergy has offered a unique and viable solution for home health, hospice, outpatient rehab and other providers.  We offer integrated cloud-based and web-based software that can be coupled with services to create an optimized solution for your healthcare agency. Our software offers you the flexibility and reliability that over 20 years of experience in long term post acute care documentation and billing bring.

"This system saves major time... That's Huge!"
-Robyn M. (RN)
"From being used to the same mechanism for 6 - 7 years, transistioning to the Web Edition (Synergy EMR) has been very straight forward. We're comfortable with it."
-Mase M. (Owner)
"It's usually faster in our workflow using the Web Edition with Synergy (Synergy EMR). Even if there are issues or questions they are answered right away."
-Mildred R. (Office Manager)
"I use the system daily, for everything an administrator needs. I love it!"
-Virgil P. (Owner)
"Easy for the staff to catch on - both office and field staff. The Web Edition (Synergy EMR) was easy to pick up on."
-Joy M. (Biller)
"It's definitely faster than working on paper - I've easily cut a whole work day out of my week by using the Web Edition."
-Brandy F. (Office Manager)
"If you can post on Facebook, use eBay, then you can use then you can use this system."
-Cassandra K. (RN)

Synergy EMR

Web-based EMR system, designed for Post-Acute Care providers accessible online and out in the field with any device.

100% Web Based

Using a new intuitive and feature rich browser interface, the HealthCare Assistant Web Edition includes the same features you love on our traditional applications.

User Friendly

With a newly re-vamped design, the Healthcare Assistant gives you access to the most critical information about your patients on a single screen.

Point of Care Module

The Healthcare Assistant includes a new module for patient documentation, which takes point of care data collection to a new level with exploratory data analysis.

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Synergy in the Cloud

For the past 20 years, a proven automated billing solution that is now accessible online.

Access From Any Location

Synergy in the Cloud gives you (and everyone else on your team) the power to access HealthCare Assistant from any location you can imagine – using any device you choose.

We tie it all together with web access that serves as your personal computer desktop from any device so you can securely access your data and applications wherever you go. So…are you ready to get your own piece of the cloud?

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