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Bookkeeping Services for Home Health and Hospice Agencies

Control and maintain your agency's cashflow with Synergy's Managed Bookkeeping

Concerned about your daily bookkeeping or financial reporting? With HealthCare Synergy's Managed Bookkeeping Services, we provide your agency with a team of Accountants who will remove the burden of quarterly financial reports, tax returns, and account reconciliation. HealthCare Synergy's Bookkeeping Services are designed to help your home health or hospice agency control and maintain cash flow, so that you may concentrate on providing patient care.

Daily Bookkeeping

  • Keep records of your daily transactions
  • Utilizing online bookkeeping applications

Financial Reporting

  • Provide monthly or quarterly reports of all your transactions
  • Review reports to identify potentials savings and increase cost efficiency

Account Reconciliation

  • Ensure accuracy of financial reports
  • Ensure every dollar in your financial report is accounted for
Control & Maintain Your Agency's Cash Flow

*This service can be provided REGARDLESS of which software your agency uses. We serve ALL industries.

Start Using HealthCare Synergy's Bookkeeping Services Today!

Start using HealthCare Synergy's Bookkeeping Services today so you can control and maintain your agency's cash-flow! 

Bookkeeping Services

HealthCare Synergy Bookkeeping Services

HealthCare Synergy will provide your agency with a team of Bookkeeping professionals to handle your daily bookkeeping, financial reporting, management reporting and account reconciliation for your agency so that you may concentrate on your business. We offer monthly or quarterly financial reports, income tax return preparation, and can assist in setting up automatic payroll for your company.  Our professional Bookkeeping team can be embedded into your agency at less than the average cost of an annual administrative assistant and without the additional cost of benefits packages. 

  • Reconcile financial reports with bank accounts
  • Manage and control cash flow
  • Assist in the set up automatic payroll
  • Invoicing is provided at the end of discovery period, and client is billed a percentage of revenue recouped.

Web-Based Bookkeeping Software

Web-Based Bookkeeping Software

HealthCare Synergy's Professional Bookkeeping Services utilizes web based applications, to assist you with transaction recording, reconciling your accounts and categorizing your expenses. Our online bookkeeping application allows you to access and print your financial reports at your convenience.  In addition, we will send our accounting notes to notify any financial irregularities or suggestion.

  • Know your daily balance and projected cash flow
  • Get a complete view of transactions
  • Full visibility with audit trail online
  • Sync with your QuickBooks Online and Xero accounting software
  • Store and share financial documents online

*This service can be provided REGARDLESS of which software your agency uses. You have the freedom to choose if this is a one-time service or ongoing. There is no long term commitment or contract. Invoicing is provided monthly. We serve ALL industries 

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"Ever since elevating our working relationship with Synergy, we have received nothing but excellent customer service, advice and feedback on the documents being coded and reviewed by their staff. They are gems - the accuracy in their work is exceptional!"
-Val L. (Administrator)
"I have never worked with a company that has been more willing to provide assistance, even for small issues. Help is always friendly and on time. I have worked on five other systems and have never experienced the customer service I do with Synergy! "
-Jan W. (Director of Nursing)
"We signed up for Pre-Claim Review not knowing what to expect with it being a new rule and all. We were pleasantly surprised when our clinicians advised us the two initially submitted to Synergy was affirmed! We're feeling hopeful again!"
-Cristina C. (Director of Nursing)
"The Billing Services reminds me that there is no possible way I could know everything that CMS wants me to know - the process brought to light things I may have forgotten about Medicare rules and regulations - this is what I consider most valuable."
-Ron P. (Owner)
"Synergy has a great team - they are organized, provide quality work with so much friendliness, professionalism and enthusiasm for what they do. I know any issue I have will be understood and resolved as quickly as possible. Everyone has been easy to work with, and every experience has been great. I am especially happy with how our patient's charts look."
-Maneet Dhami-Bal (Nurse)

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