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One-on-One Online Training

To schedule a training session, please fill out the Training Request form. In order to properly prepare and accommodate your specific training needs, please notify us at least 5 business days in advance.

During a one-on-one online training session, a highly qualified HealthCare Assistant software expert remotely access a user’s computer and initiates a two way conversation via phone for effective training. Training sessions can be customized to fit according to your needs. We also have several suggestions to increase the efficiency of every training session. We can also accommodate multiple people connecting from multiple devices and locations. Call us for details.

Training Request Form

Educational Material

1Oasis C1 To C2 Transition

"What if my SOC or ROC/Recert date is before January 1st, 2017, but I don't finish my assessment until after January 1st, 2017?"

"What are the differences between Oasis C1 and oasis C2 items?"

For a FAQ specific to the OASIS C1 TO C2 transition, please open the following support portal page: Oasis Transition FAQ
22017 G-Codes
Please open the following support portal page: New G-Codes to learn more about the new codes that went into effect January 1st, 2017.
3How Does Pre-Claim Review (PCR) Work?
Please open the following support portal page: Pre-Claim Review Flow Chart

Web Edition FAQ's

1How To Allow Pop-ups and Location Services (Issues: Documents Don’t Open/ Patient Signature / Clocking In/Out)
This “How To” will explain what is needed to allow documents and patient signatures to open on any device. Click to open this “How-To” PDF

Synergy In The Cloud FAQ's

1How To Save From The Cloud To The Computer’s Desktop

This “How To” will show explain how to save files onto your local C:\ drive.

Click To Open This ‘How-To’ PDF

2Synergy In The Cloud Log-In Errors: ADODB: Recordset / “Already Have An Instance Of The Application Open”

Follow the steps in this “How To” when you are getting a “black” or “blue” screen… or if it says you have “another instance of the application open”.

Click To Open This “How To” PDF


3I am trying to click on Healthcare Assistant icon but it only keeps on Loading or Spinning.

If the Synergy is not opening and it keeps on loading/spinning, there is a pop up block located at either the right or left corner of the web address box.


Resolution: Click on the Pop-Up Block and select Always allow the application and click the Healthcare Assistant icon again and it will open.

Have A Question Not Listed Here?

Please visit the HealthCare Synergy Support Portal for more educational and "How-to" guides. Please note that some guides are only available for viewing with a Support Portal log-in! If you are an active HealthCare Synergy client, contact Synergy for log-in information!

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